ABB employees` nutrition program

Hi ABB employee! 

We want to welcome you to use the ViaEsca nutrition coaching program! With the help of the program you are able to improve your wellbeing whether you work at the home office or at work site. Below you can find more detailed information about the coaching program and how to activate it. The activation of the program is possible until the end of May 2024. 

"We want to offer ViaEsca program to all ABB Finland employees and that way support their wellbeing. The program has been in use within ABB also earlier. The positive feedback from previous program made us offer the program to all our employees."

Henri Hilke
Senior Vice President, HR 


  • Within a year there will be three webinars (in Finnish) with different wellbeing themes. The first one was 6th of June with the theme Balanced eating and its effect on wellbeing. You can find link to the webinar recording on Inside.  
  • Two other webinars will be held later on. Next one will most likely be 13th of September. 
Tailored coaching program - in your use for 12 months

With ViaEsca coaching program you can achieve your goals whether they are linked to enhancing your performance or recovery or losing weight. The program is focused on nutrition and eating habits and it can help you to find a balance between your calorie consumption and good food. 

Within the first 3 weeks:

  1. Weight loss is approximately 3,5 kg and fat loss 1,5 kg. 
  2. VO2max (oxygen uptake) improves approximately by 13 %.
  3. Recovery during awake time improves approximately 28 %.

The meal plan is tailored for your calorie consumption and needs. Tracking is done with the ViaEsca application and you can link your activity tracker to the program if you wish. That way the coaching is more holistic. Within the program you learn the steady eating rhythm and how to eat in a balance with your activity. 

Activate the program:

  1. Use the link: ViaEsca 21 päivän aloitusmatka and choose the product. Proceed to the cashier and give your contact information (name and email is enough). 
  2. Use the discount code "ABB2023" and press "käytä". The price of the product will be 0 euros. ABB will offer the 21 days starting coaching and also the use of the app after that for 12 months. 
  3. Finish the purchase and you will get a pass code to get into the app in your email. After that download ViaEsca application in AppStore/ PlayStore and registrate (choose English language). Give the pass code and the preferred starting date. 

NOTE! If you have trouble ordering the program with your work computer, use your phone. That works at the moment. 

Questions and information:

Anna Tervo, ViaEsca

*Within the registration you give information as follows: name, birth date, sex, height, weight and estimated activity level. In addition to this you get to choose preferred diet and starting date. Your information will be handled according to GDPR guidelines and they won`t be given to any other parties.  Tietosuojaseloste