About the program

Lasting results

ViaEsca is an effective coaching program for people who want lasting results.

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ViaEsca method- towards permanent change

The results of the coaching are based on a diet tailored to your body’s consumption, which takes into account:

  • Steady meal rhythm
  • Portion sizes and the glycemic load of the meals tailored to the energy consumption of the body
  • The right amount of energy nutrients and fiber that supports well-being
  • The quality of fiber, proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • Abundant and diverse amount of vegetables

The coaching is based on:

  • Utilizing the data of your body’s activity and eating
  • Easy and ready daily meal plan of five meals tailored for you
  • Increasing understanding of how different things affect well-being:
  1. Tracking your own body, and how sleep/recovery, nutrition and exercise affect
  2. The daily reports of why and how different eating habits affect
  • Individual chat support of a nutrition coach
  • Taking the different aspects of eating into account:
  1. Considering the social eating; family factor and weekday lunches
  2. Easy shopping – handy shopping lists
  • Theory of behavioral sciences:
  1. Unlearn old routines (easy, ready tailored program)
  2. A reward for change as soon as possible (changes in body and feeling, measurable results)
  3. Creating new routines on a permanent basis to suit your everyday life (feeling energetic and tasty food)

During the first three weeks you lose about 3.5 kg, of which about 1.5 kg is fat*, your energy increases by an average of 13% and your recovery improves by 28%**. The effectiveness of the coaching’s results and the easy-to-use application as well as the tasty food guarantee a lasting well-being in everyday life. That’s why 73% of participants make a permanent lifestyle change***.


* 1500 Tanita body composition measurements
** ViaEsca effectiveness study conducted by Firstbeat Oy
*** Over 2500 ViaEsca coachings