The results and benefits of the ViaEsca coaching

The results and benefits of the wellness coaching

The impact of ViaEsca wellness coaching is measurable. The indicators should be chosen according to what is the most important for your goal.

The achieved benefits in ViaEsca coaching

  • The fat mass and weight decrease
  • Energetic feeling increases
  • Recovery improves
  • Everyday exercising increases
  • Blood fat levels improve 
  • New energy
  • Enjoying good food
  • Learning and growing your knowledge about good food
  • Increasing your well-being by eating healthy food
  • Losing weight and reaching a lasting balance

Body fat amount/weight loss

If you want to lose weight or reduce visceral fat, or gut fat, which is harmful for health, we recommend using a body composition meter. You will see how fat mass decreases and weight loss does not mean smaller muscles, which would be detrimental for permanent weight management. During the first three weeks of ViaEsca’s coaching the amount of fat decreases 1,5 kg on average. If you don’t have access to body composition measurements, the scale works well for safe weight loss monitoring or you can use a tape measure. Often, you lose centimetres faster than kilograms. In terms of permanent weight loss, a good pace is 0,5 to 1 kg per week (you might lose more in the beginning). If your goal is to lose a lot of weight, you should not rush but follow a meal plan that will lead you safely to permanent weight management. Sometimes weight loss may stop or slow down momentarily, which is normal. Then you should continue following the program and if you want, you can consult a ViaEsca nutrition coach who helps you forward with the situation.


Feeling energetic

During the ViaEsca coaching, relative oxygen uptake (VO2Max) improves by an average of 13% over three weeks. The maximal oxygen uptake is the best meter for how well you are managing. It measures the body’s ability to carry oxygen related to body weight. Oxygen uptake can be tracked with high-quality activity meters, such as most of the Garmin trackers or similar, or you can find out your own oxygen uptake in Firstbeat measurement, for example. Measurements are also made by several sports testing companies.



Eating habits have a big impact on recovery. Firstbeat has found that ViaEsca coaching improves awake time recovery for 28% on average. The right kind of nutrition can help you recover up to 40% better from both everyday stress and exercise performance. You can monitor your body’s recovery with high-quality activity meters or in Firstbeat measurements, for example, you can find out what your body’s recovery capacity is.


Everyday exercise and steps

Everyday exercise is important for health and it helps burn calories. Often, weight loss requires a change in eating habits, but daily exercise helps to keep weight under control. 90% of those who have participated in the ViaEsca coaching increase their daily exercise. Everyday exercise is easy to track with the help of an activity tracker.



The right kind of nutrition as well as maintains health, but also prevents many so-called public diseases. The need to eat different medicine is reduced, because food can affect for example to the treatment of type 2 diabetes, heart and vascular diseases and musculoskeletal system diseases. If you have high cholesterol, ViaEsca coaching affects cholesterol levels positively in a short amount of time. You can easily measure your cholesterol levels with the ViaEsca test package (in Finland), or you can use for example your own occupational health care.


Tracking coaching results