Eat better, feel better: The employees of Kone Finland have a possibility to participate ViaEsca nutrition coaching program

A chance to participate the ViaEsca nutrition coaching program
We are searching for participants to take part in ViaEsca nutrition coaching pilot program. The participants should be willing to make a change in their eating habits and ready to take the next step towards that. The aim of the coaching is to help making a change in eating habits for better and that way enhance daily energy and recovery, The program takes into account each individual`s calorie consumption and goals. The program runs in a mobile application and requires the use of activity tracker (included in the program). There is also a support from a coach and the group available.

Primarily the coaching is offered to persons with BMI over 30 (calculate your BMI here), and we hope that you able to engage to the program. The amount of participants in the program is limited. If you are accepted to the coaching your spouse or a friend has also a possibility to take part in the coaching.

The coaching takes three months and you have a possibility to participate a group coaching or an individual coaching.
There are two kickoff dates for the group coaching to choose from:

10th of Feb 1-2.15 pm via teams or
28th of Feb 1-2.15 pm via teams

If you are attending the program individually, the kickoff time can be adjusted to your needs. 

More information and signing in (deadline for signing in 7th of Feb):

Anna Tervo, ViaEsca-valmentaja

When signing in, please let me know why you would like to participate and also your height, weight and goal. Also let me know if you want to take part in group coaching or individual coaching. You may email or phone me. -Anna

To participate you have to have smart phone (iOS or Android). The activity tracker used in the program will stay in your possession also after the coaching. 

The results of the coaching are based on a diet tailored to your body’s consumption, which takes into account:

  • Steady meal rhythm
  • Portion sizes and the glycemic load of the meals tailored to the energy consumption of the body
  • The right amount of energy nutrients and fiber that supports well-being
  • The quality of fiber, proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • Abundant and diverse amount of vegetables

The coaching is based on:

  • Utilizing the data of your body’s activity and eating
  • Easy and ready daily meal plan of five meals tailored for you
  • Increasing understanding of how different things affect well-being
    • Tracking your own body, and how sleep/recovery, nutrition and exercise effect
    • The daily reports of why and how different eating habits affect
  • Individual chat support of a nutrition coach
  • Taking the different aspects of eating into account
    • Considering the social eating; family factor and weekday lunches
    • Easy shopping – handy shopping lists
  • Theory of behavioral sciences:
    • Unlearn old routines (easy, ready tailored program)
    • A reward for change as soon as possible (changes in body and feeling, measurable results)
    • Creating new routines on a permanent basis to suit your everyday life (feeling energetic and tasty food)

During the first three weeks you lose about 3.5 kg, of which about 1.5 kg is fat*, your energy increases by an average of 13% and your recovery improves by 28%**. The effectiveness of the coaching’s results and the easy-to-use application as well as the tasty food guarantee a lasting well-being in everyday life. That’s why 73% of participants make a permanent lifestyle change***.

* 1500 Tanita body composition measurements
** ViaEsca effectiveness study conducted by Firstbeat Oy
*** Over 2500 ViaEsca coachings

Watch a video about ViaEsca method