KONE employees have a possibility to purchase ViaEsca- coaching program with a discounted price

Hi KONE employee! 

We want to welcome you to use the ViaEsca nutrition coaching program! With the help of the program you are able to improve your wellbeing whether you work at the home office or at work site. Below you can find more detailed information about the coaching programs.

The discounted price is valid until the end of 2023 and the starting date can be chosen only when you activate the program (for example you buy the program now in December and activate it in January). Programs can be purchased with Smartum or through ViaEsca webstore. 


  • KONE will offer a Balanced eating themed webinar on the 12th of January at 10 am. In the webinar you will also hear more about the coaching programs. You can access the webinar through this teams link. 

You may choose from two different kind of programs: ViaEsca original and ViaEsca Step by step (only in Finnish)

ViaEsca original is for people who want fast results and are able to make big changes. The program moves on systematically and you will achieve your goals quickly. We recommend the use of an activity tracker in this program. With the tracker you can track your activity, calorie consumption and recovery and that way how eating effects on them.  

Read more about the ViaEsca Original program (in Finnish)

ViaEsca Step by step-program is for people who are busy in their lives and are not able to or keen on making big changes. The program guides you forward one step and one change at a time. Still it proceeds consistantly. This program doesn`t require an activity tracker. This program can be started only in Finnish.

Read more about the ViaEsca Step by step program (in Finnish)

    Purchasing of the program: 

    1. Go to the webstore through the links above and proceed to the cashier. Give your contact information.
    2. Give the discount code "KONE2023" and press "käytä" and the discount is given to you. 
    3. Finish the purchase and after that you will get the starting information to your email (in Finnish, but very easy). You can choose your starting date only after you registrate. 

    If you want to use Smartum, search Via Esca Oy in their website and purchase 90 days program from there. Replace the price with the discounted price (82 €) and finish the purchase. After this we will send the information about the starting of the coaching program to your email within 24 hours. 


    After the 3 months program is over, you may continue the program if needed by purchasing a subscription with the price of 19,90€/ month.

    Questions and contact person:

    Anna Tervo, ViaEsca

    *Within the registration you give the following information about yourself: name, date of birth, sex, height, weight and estimated activity level. In addition to this you will be able to choose your starting date and preferred diet. Your information will be handled according to data privacy rules and it won`t be given to any other party. Tietosuojaseloste